As a hopeful alternative to prescription medication, we infuse pharmaceutical standards into the unregulated space where CBD lives.
By applying science, clinical studies, lab testing and a little fair balance we found the best CBD products you can buy.


40% of adults struggle with swallowing pills. The standard of pharmaceutical care in the US has left many without alternatives.


80% of the worldwide population uses medicinal plants and herbs from primary healthcare needs.


With a rise in the use of medicinal botanicals- be aware they live in an unregulated market. 70% of CBD products sold are mislabeled and potentially dangerous.

Be Picky About The CBD Products You Choose.

As an alternative to pharmaceuticals, CBD shines brightly as a possible solution to pain, anxiety, and sleep issues.
WITH NO OVERSIGHT in place, the market has been flooded with products which will never work and are potentially dangerous.

About Flower & Tonic and What We Do

Apr 2018 – Video Length 3:22
CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how he changed his mind about using cannabis for medicinal purposes and why he wrote Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking him to reconsider US laws.