As a hopeful alternative to prescription medication, we infuse pharmaceutical standards into the unregulated space where CBD lives.
By applying science, clinical studies, lab testing and a little fair balance we found the best CBD products you can buy.


40% of adults struggle with swallowing pills. The standard of pharmaceutical care in the US has left many without alternatives.


80% of the worldwide population uses medicinal plants and herbs from primary healthcare needs.


With a rise in the use of medicinal botanicals- be aware they live in an unregulated market. 70% of CBD products sold are mislabeled and potentially dangerous.

Products We ❤️ can be purchased through our partners below and on the full product page.

Tonic Vibes

TONIC’s original CBD blends are handcrafted in small batches with purposeful, plant-based ingredients. Using not only herbs like Ashwagandha, but superfoods like Black Seed Oil, TONIC elevates the benefits of CBD to create a powerful way to heal the body, calm the mind and restore balance.

Hemp Lucid

Put some in your coffee and water-soluble drops can start your day off right. It can be mixed into any drink or used under the tongue as a tincture.
Each 30 ml bottle contains 250, 500, 1000 or 1500MG CBD with cost ranging from $40-$170

Limitless CBD

This roll-on topical is always a favorite! Absorbed quickly and works within minutes. It is ideal for those suffering from stiffness, muscular tenderness and other ailments. Free of THC and contains no pesticides, GMO or harmful chemicals.
750 MG CBD per 3 oz. bottle $50

Funky Farms

5 doses of 10 MG CBD Gummies in each bag
Made with isolate and contain Zero (0%) THC
Watermelon, Tropical Fruit and Grape flavors are all delicious.
50 mg total $10


Combining active pharmaceutical ingredients with hemp extract and other natural moisturizers some top products include Eczema and Acne Treatments as well as Advanced Pain Relief products such as a solid stick for Foot Pain and an ointment for Arthritis Relief.

Be Picky About The CBD Products You Choose.

As an alternative to pharmaceuticals, CBD shines brightly as a possible solution to pain, anxiety, and sleep issues.
WITH NO OVERSIGHT in place, the market has been flooded with products which will never work and are potentially dangerous.

About Flower & Tonic and What We Do

Apr 2018 – Video Length 3:22
CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how he changed his mind about using cannabis for medicinal purposes and why he wrote Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking him to reconsider US laws.