Flower & Tonic is dedicated
to evaluating the safety, quality, and efficacy
of the many CBD products on the market.




What is CBD and how does it work? What conditions can CBD potentially treat? How much CBD do I take and in what form? Where can I purchase safe CBD products? 


Lab Test Products

F&T is the only review site to test finished products off the shelf. we currently work with MCR Labs. All products we recommend deliver consistent, reliable and accurate CBD dosing and labeling instructions.

Seek Innovation

CBD and THC are 2 of approximately 130 cannabinoids. Our team, partners, and colleagues intend to set the bar in the CBD market. We believe that by providing education, and our independent lab results, we can ensure that anyone looking to utilize an alternative product has a reliable source.

Look to intention

Speaking with founders, learning about the brand, and their personal mission plays an integral role when seeking out exceptional products.

Offer Vetted Products

Be a snob about the CBD you buy. Some CBD products are delicious but the ones we see most often on the shelf at retailers or recommended online by bloggers are not nearly as tasty. 

You are welcome

We have found some amazing CBD products and can say with confidence that this is the site you will proudly want to send to family and friends who are looking to try CBD as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

What we do

Many are looking for alternative​s to pharmaceuticals​.

We see the potential CBD may offer, but only if you are buying the right products and using them the right way.

Flower & Tonic infuses pharmaceutical standards into the very unregulated CBD industry…think wild wild west in the land of snake oil!

We have researched, lab-tested, tasted​ and evaluated hundreds of products to find the best.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to find CBD products, especially online. ​
Through our affiliate partners,​ you​ can purchase products which we have lab tested ourselves.

70% of CBD products are inaccurately​ labeled (lying) regarding CBD content.
Many CBD brands cut​ corners when it comes to quality control and safety.

BUT we have found  exceptional products made with good intentions ​and we​ want those to​ be​ the ones you try and recommend to others.


What drives us? 

As former​ pharmaceutical representatives, it felt better to advocate for the use of CBD over opioid, anxiety and AHDH medications. This was the type of information which we found surprising us and began reshaping our thoughts on conventional medicine. 

percent of the world uses medicinal plants for primary healthcare needs

out of 10 CBD products are accurately labeled

regulations exist in the dietary supplement space. There is no Oversight

Percent of adults have difficulty swallowing pills and are looking for options