How CBD works in your body! Finally a video that shows the real effects.

Written by Alissa Merrill

Flower & Tonic stems from my unique experience as a sales consultant in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and healthcare software industries. As a "Big Pharma" rep for Bristol Myers Squibb & Novartis, I was integral in the launch of several blockbuster drugs. My therapeutic areas of expertise included the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular, sexual health, ADHD, anxiety depression, and movement disorders.

CBD has been gaining more attention in the world of women’s health recently, sparking new conversations about its potential as a legitimate therapeutic supplement.

CBD can help with a wide range of conditions that affect the female body, such as hormonal issues and premenstrual syndrome. This helpful video provides insight into how CBD works in the body, explaining the processes that take place on a cellular level.

Cannabidiol is considered an attractive alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, due to its natural origin and lack of side effects.

It covers subjects such as CBD’s ability to modulate endocannabinoid function and how it helps to maintain balance within physiological systems. With this information, viewers of the video can walk away understanding CBD’s role in women’s health much better than before.

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