Affiliate Disclaimer
The intent of Flower & Tonic is to educate and raise awareness about CBD-derived-from hemp and we have made it our mission to direct you towards safe and reliable products which may actually work.
Only products that meet the highest standards are featured on our site and we promise to never knowingly promote a substandard product.
We are committed to offering complete transparency because that is what we expect from the brands we choose to highlight.

Flower & Tonic acts as an affiliate site with affiliate relationships. If you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the revenue. Brands have been chosen independent of commission amounts. Most people have no idea how affiliate relationships work so here is an overview The Federal Trade Commission, Protecting America’s Consumers – but basically when you purchase a product recommended by a blogger or from a review site, they receive a commission on what you purchased. The commission rate can be anywhere from 2 – 40%. Bloggers are trying to make a living and can’t be held to blame for recommending products with commission in mind.
The brand with the highest paying affiliate commissions often become the most recognized brand names and unfortunately may misrepresent the best products.

We will stay unbiased and in the middle as we make our product recommendations. We are also interested in learning about new or existing brands that have impressed you as the consumer.
Our product recommendations will evolve as new and innovative products hit the CBD market.

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