Flower & Tonic infuses pharmaceutical science and higher standards into plant medicine

Our Promise to You

For those looking to plant medicine as alternative to pharmaceuticals, we are setting higher standards and introducing products and guidance which meet them.


100% Transparency

There is more we DO NOT KNOW than we do. Our recommendations will evolve as we learn. Without bias, we introduce and direct to the science experts.



WE do the testing

We bring the finished product to the lab. In the unregulated space where cannabinoids live 3rd party test results and COAs mean very little.


Legit Science

Clinical info credible enough to bring doctors is available.  We use science to connect medical conditions and treatment specific products to create formulary products.



Fair Balance

The discussion needs to start with warnings of adverse events, side effects, and drug interactions. Anything with the ability to heal can also do harm.

We ask the experts 

Alissa Merrill

Alissa Merrill

Founder, Pharmaceutical Science

As a former pharmaceutical representative, I was trained to understand how the human body processes chemicals – from proper dosing to clinical benefits and managing adverse side effects.

I learned about CBD (or CBD oil) over 2 years ago. When a college friend, now a Primary Care Physician in Colorado, told me about CBD, she listed the many ways it could potentially help, which made me immediately skeptical.
How could CBD treat my PMS, soothe a toothache, calm my daughter’s acne, and alleviate my dog’s seizures?

I believe “If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

She rubbed some CBD cream on an eczema patch on my arm that I had thought would never disappear. The next day, after just one application, I could not believe the patch was gone and my research on CBD began.

My perspective on conventional medicine and alternative practices shifted and I began seeing some validity in what these “natural doctors” were saying.
I wanted Alternatives Based In Science (ABIS), some proof that these alternatives worked along with the how and why.
It was with that intention that I declined an offer to return to the pharmaceutical industry and became determined to infuse a pharmaceutical approach into the alternative medicine space.

In that spirit Flower & Tonic was formed to help consumers find the best products.

Plant-based medicine as a science based alternative to pharmaceuticals

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