The only thing we caution, specifically with their topical pain products, is to REALLY WASH HANDS carefully after applying.
A few of our testers commented that they had significant eye irritation from touching their faces after application.

The science behind the formulations is what initially piqued our curiosity. CBD Medic is a subsidiary of Aidance Scientific. Aidance was formed in 2004 and manufactures unique, broad-spectrum anti-microbial technology for dermatological products. In 2018 they launched CBDMedic, direct to consumer formulations containing cannabis sativa L hemp extract and active pharmaceuticals for things like inflammation, mild burns, acne, headache/migraine, rashes, bug bites and muscle/joint pain.

CBD Medic has elevated what the consumer standard should be. Finding a product that is not only made with safe organic hemp that also has other complementary ingredients isn’t easy in a world where “profits over patients” are the norm. They include menthol, camphor, and a myriad of other essential oils and natural beeswax depending on the product.

With natural ingredients free of artificial dyes, synthetic parabens, fragrance, steroids, parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, and 15 years of science-based formulations behind it, we one have one negative or
We have personally lab tested multiple formulations from CBD Medic and they have consistently exceeded expectations.

The acne products specifically…they really work!
We would also place the eczema ointment next to any prescription steroid in terms of efficacy.