Natural Beauty

Written by Alissa Merrill

Flower & Tonic stems from my unique experience as a sales consultant in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and healthcare software industries. As a "Big Pharma" rep for Bristol Myers Squibb & Novartis, I was integral in the launch of several blockbuster drugs. My therapeutic areas of expertise included the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular, sexual health, ADHD, anxiety depression, and movement disorders.

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Natural Beauty

Once early humans took care of their fundamental needs—food, shelter, clothing, safety—they could expend a little energy on aesthetics. For thousands of years, humans have turned to the plant world for smoother skin, moister lips, that healthy glow. As modern humans, we can walk into the beauty section of any department store and be overwhelmed by all the choices—some of them natural, others not so much.

Now it turns out that CBD-infused skin care products offer some real natural benefits to your skin. CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties add to its basic ability to smooth rough skin cells and add the moisture we all need. You may, however, develop a healthy glow and a deeper sense of calm.

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