The CBD market is about to get even hotter

The CBD market is hot right now — but it could it be even hotter if consumers understood what they are buying.

Today, many people are interested in CBD-based alternative medicines but are confused about the types of products available to them and which brands to purchase. They simply lack the evidence-based information they need to make comparisons.

Introducing Flower & Tonic, a new resource for helping consumers make confident, informed decisions around CBD products. By working closely with laboratories, researchers, clinicians, cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, attorneys, and opinion leaders, we have personally tried, tasted, and evaluated over one hundred CBD products. We spotlight and bring recognition to the CBD products that we know are safe, effective and most likely to deliver on their promises.

Flower & Tonic was founded with a single mission: to eliminate the confusion around CBD products and create a forum that educates consumers and connects them to the very best products. As even more CBD products enter the market, our site will continue to evolve with additional insights and product recommendations.

Please take a moment to visit some of our favorite resources and learn about CBD, check out the Products We Love, find out ways CBD May Help and get detailed dosing information.

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