People are looking to the internet and social media with questions.

Are cannabinoid products safe? Are they even legal?

What are the potential side effects or drug interactions patients should be warned of?

What conditions are cannabinoids used to treat, how might cannabinoid medicine help?

How do I choose between topicals, tinctures, gummies? What is the best brand? Top products?

Where can I buy CBD products? Cannabinoid products are sold in retail stores, online, and in cannabis/marijuana dispensaries. What is the difference?

If it doesn’t get me high, how will it make me feel? How do I dose? How long until effects are felt?

Flower & Tonic was founded to answer those questions for you. We have access answers from the top industry experts and scientists we are working to build a source of reliable and responsible information.


Flower & Tonic is committed to evaluating the safety, quality, and efficacy of the many plant-based medicinal products on the market.

We have researched, lab-tested​, tasted and tried hundreds of cannabinoid (CND) products to introduce you to the best. We work closely with laboratories, researchers, clinicians, cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, attorneys, and opinion leaders.
By asking the right questions to the right people we hope to clarify misinformation.
Our hope is to provide consumers responsible information on dosing, side effects, and other important factors to help you make the best decisions about your health

As a hopeful alternative to prescription medication, we infuse pharmaceutical standards into an unregulated space where these products live.

why trust us ?

Soccer Mom Standards

F&T was the first site to test finished products off the shelf. We bring samples to the lab ourselves because 3rd party testing means very little in the unregulated space where CBD lives.
We meet soccer mom standards, hard to do…and feel quite confident you will not be disappointed in any of the products we recommend.

Marketing vs Science

Most consumers are buying products from professional marketers who know NOTHING about the products they are recommending. Ads on social media, influencer sponsorship, blogger recommendations, they are PAID. Placement on a TOP 10 list is expensive and unachievable for those invested in making better products. At F&T we are not business people and neither are the scientist and doctors making the good products you ARE NOT BUYING!

A Little Fair Balance

Adverse events, side effects and drug interactions need to be a huge part of the discussion and to date warnings to consumers are limited.
In our opinion, a little fair balance goes a long way. Cannabinoid medicine as an  alternative to pharmaceuticals is out of your doctor’s area of knowledge. A responsible clinician will be hesitant to recommend that you try  a product such as CBD, and for good reason…there is no regulation. 

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Why I changed my mind with Dr. Gupta
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If you pick a ripe tomato from the vine and eat it fresh, the nutrient value is very different from that of the tomato sauce on a pizza.
Tomatoes can be harvested, picked, and prepared in thousands of ways, the same is true for hemp.

A year ago “CBD gummies” reached No. 3 on Google’s most popular search terms.

The collective market for CBD sales (cosmetic, personal care, wellness, food and beverage, pet, and pharmaceuticals) are expected to exceed $20 billion in the US by 2024, according to our colleagues BDS Analytics.
Homeopathic products and “natural remedies” made up a significant share of the $35.9 billion spent on dietary supplements in 2018.

These products can go to market without any safety, purity, or quality testing by the FDA. While it costs millions of dollars to develop and substantiate a pharmaceutical product, selling supplements require no such investment. The FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed.

 Sadly, people looking for alternative health solutions are spending millions on products that will never work and could be potentially harmful.

Thousands of products are on the market, and new companies are surfacing daily but most people we speak with are unaware that there is no federal oversight in place.

According to study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, only 3 of the 10 products sampled were accurately labeled regarding the levels of CBD and THC they contained. Some were found to have CBD levels so low that any potential clinical value was negated. Others had THC levels high enough to make an unexpecting consumer stoned.

Many of the hemp-based products sold on the market have little to no Cannabidiol (CBD), falling far short of the product label claims. Larger, well-known companies are just as guilty of these deceptive practices than anyone else. FDA Published Testing results of CBD Products are listed here.
Additionally, hemp-based extracts used as the base of these products may contain contaminants like certain molds and/or heavy metals.
Hemp is a bio-accumulator and pull toxins from the soil. If people are inhaling or ingesting products filled with pesticides the results can be fatal.

A lot of brands pay to their way onto the list of top products.
Some companies pay 5% affiliate commission on a sale, and some pay 40%.
What’s a blogger to do? They recommend the product which pays at 40%.
Scanning through the list of “top 10 CBD companies” I can firmly say that with the exception of 1-2 companies, those are not the brands most experts that would recommend to their own family and friends.

The CBD Boom
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Our hope is to be a resource to patients, consumers, doctors, and pharmacists looking for options outside of mainstream medicine, specifically, Alternatives Based In Science (ABIS).

Alissa Merrill

Alissa Merrill

Founder, Pharmaceutical Science

As a former pharmaceutical representative, I was trained to understand how the human body processes chemicals – from proper dosing to clinical benefits and managing adverse side effects.

I learned about CBD (or CBD oil) over 2 years ago. When a college friend, now a Primary Care Physician in Colorado, told me about CBD, she listed the many ways it could potentially help, which made me immediately skeptical.
How could CBD treat my PMS, soothe a toothache, calm my daughter’s acne, and alleviate my dog’s seizures?

I believe “If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

She rubbed some CBD cream on an eczema patch on my arm that I had thought would never disappear. The next day, after just one application, I could not believe the patch was gone and my research on CBD began.
My perspective on conventional medicine and alternative practices shifted and I began seeing some validity in what these “natural doctors” were saying.
I wanted Alternatives Based In Science (ABIS), some proof that these alternatives worked along with the how and why.
It was with that intention that I declined an offer to return to the pharmaceutical industry and became determined to infuse a pharmaceutical approach into the alternative medicine space.
In that spirit Flower & Tonic was formed to help consumers find the best products.

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