FLOWER | Plants flower, or blossom, at the height of their growth cycle when the medicinal value is greatest.


TONICA medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being. A tonic is known for having the ability to treat a variety of conditions.




Scooch over kale…

CBD oil is the new superfood everyone is talking about.

“CBD gummies​” reached No. 3 on Google’s most popular search terms in 2018.

According to Yahoo finance, CBD sales in the US are expected to reach $22 billion by 2022, 40 times the $600 million in sales posted in 2018.

The beauty world is obsessing over what CBD can do for your skin.

Veterinarians are using CBD oil to treat pain and separation anxiety in pets.

As a replacement The CBD market has exploded with thousands of new products, however,​ most consumers are unaware that there is no oversight in place. NO ONE IS CHECKING TO see if the labels match the​ ingredients.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, only 3 of the 10 products sampled were accurately labeled regarding the levels of CBD and THC they contained. Some were found to have CBD levels so low that any potential clinical value was negated. Others had THC levels high enough to give the unsuspecting consumer a slight buzz.

Many of the hemp-based products sold on the market have little to no Cannabidiol (CBD), falling far short of the product label claims. Larger, well-known companies are just as guilty of these deceptive practices than anyone else.
FDA Published Testing results of CBD Products are listed here. Hemp-based extracts used as the base of these products may contain contaminants like certain molds and/or heavy metals.

Scanning through the list of “top 10 CBD companies” we can firmly say that with the exception of 1-2 companies, those are not the brands most experts would recommend to their own family and friends.
Affiliate link commission rates often create the “winner” – some companies will pay a 5% sale commission to bloggers who promote their products and some companies will pay 40% for the same promotion or referral. A blogger is running a business as well so it’s easy to understand how the top brands got so big, it is good marketing.

The Business of CBD | Top-Ranked or Top Shelf?

The nutrients in the green beans picked fresh when ripe is very different than the nutrients in your favorite frozen green beans casserole. Basically, the same is true for hemp-derived CBD products. All products are not created equally – not by a long shot!

CBD falls into the “dietary supplements” market which includes vitamins and minerals, herbs, glands, amino acids, and enzymes. These supplements are sold as tablets, capsules, gel caps, powders, or liquids.

Homeopathic products and “natural remedies” made up a significant share of the $35.9 billion dietary supplements spend in 2018 (according to a recent Forbes article). These products can go to market without any safety, purity, or quality testing by the FDA. While it costs millions of dollars to develop and substantiate a pharmaceutical product, selling supplements require no such investment. “FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed. The manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements are responsible for making sure their products are safe BEFORE they go to market.

People look to the internet and social media with these questions


What is CBD used to treat? Is it safe? How will it treat my specific needs?

How do I take CBD and what is the right dose? Topicals, tinctures, gummies? When you are using the right products, it is not as confusing as it seems.

Where can I buy the best CBD products? The answer is HERE and we will show you Flower & Tonic is the site you will want to share

Flower & Tonic was founded to answer those questions for you.

Our hope is to be a destination site which cuts through the noise and the hype around CBD, sparing consumers time and money and helping the best products rise to the top.As an alternative to pharmaceuticals, but not covered by insurance coverage, CBD products can be pricey and too many people are being deceived into buying products that will never address their health issues.

Flower & Tonic is committed to evaluating the safety, quality, and efficacy of the many CBD products on the market. ​Working closely with laboratories, researchers, clinicians, cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, attorneys, and opinion leaders, we have personally tried, tasted, tested and evaluated over 100 products.

As a wealthy nation we have access to pharmaceuticals, but alternative options are limited. Looking for answers to what felt like simple questions, these facts were uncovered.

According to WHO (The World Health Organization), more than 80% of the world’s population relies on traditional medicine for primary healthcare needs.

Pharmaceutical medications are standard treatment in the United States – VERY standard. The US, which makes up 5% of the world’s population, consumes over 50% of the world’s pharmaceuticals and 80% of the global opioid supply.

If you look outside the US, it is a different picture though. As a wealthy nation, we have access to pharmaceuticals but do we need them? A Consumer Reports article, “Too Many Meds, America’s Love Affair With Prescription Medication” confirms that in the US we now take more pills than ever. Is this why?

“How Much Do Doctors Learn About Nutrition? The answer: It may not be enough – but it’s not their fault.” According to a US News Health Report, only 29% of U.S. medical schools offer students the recommended 25 hours of nutrition education.

Most surprising were the needs unmet by modern medicine (pharmaceuticals). For these patients alone, CBD in the form of a gummy or a tincture presented a viable option to conventional medication, so why I had never heard of it?

The European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, reports 1 in 3 adults have difficulty swallowing pills. A New York Times article reiterated this and reported that 40% of Americans struggle to swallow medication as prescribed. Of those, almost 10% stopped taking the medications as a result. /p>

Alissa Merrill, CEO & Founder

 As a former pharmaceutical representative, I was trained to understand how the human body processes chemicals – from proper dosing to clinical benefits and managing adverse side effects.

I learned about CBD (or CBD oil) over 2 years ago. When a college friend, now a Primary Care Physician in Colorado, told me about CBD, she listed the many ways it could potentially help, which made me immediately skeptical.
How could CBD treat my PMS, soothe a toothache, calm my daughter’s acne, and alleviate my dog’s seizures?

I believe “If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

She rubbed some CBD cream on an eczema patch on my arm that I had thought would never disappear. The next day, after just one application, I could not believe the patch was gone and my research on CBD began.

It seemed odd to me that no one knew about CBD. ‘The medicinal qualities of cannabis without the high’
A Netflix documentary + my genetic data results and I starting questioning things in our healthcare system.
My perspective on conventional medicine and alternative practices shifted and I began seeing some validity in what these “natural doctors” were saying.
I wanted Alternatives Based In Science (ABIS), some proof that these alternatives worked along with the how and why.

It was with that intention that I declined an offer to return to the pharmaceutical industry and became determined to infuse a pharmaceutical approach into the alternative medicine space .

Now, I lead a team of sales representatives. We are educating consumers (patients), retailers and health care professionals responsibly and objectively.

We have been searching for the best CBD products on the market and the most responsible dosing, safety recommendations and bring them to you. 

My hope is that this is the site you will want share with family and friends interested in learning more about and trying CBD as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.